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We are currently experiencing an extreme backlog due to the loss of two family members. At this time we are not accepting any new re-plating orders. For those of you with razors in the shop, please know we are working to process those orders. Thank you for your patience.

​HIBCO Razor Replating

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*Severe damage requires additional labor costs.  These costs, most often, can be determined during the evaluation.

**Free return shipping is provided for customers in the lower 48 United States. Only actual shipping charges will be assessed for our customers in Hawaii, Alaska and international.

Please, contact us today to begin your evaluation! 

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This is a very labor intense endeavor.  We are only able to replace broken end teeth.  The razor head must first be resurfaced, a new tooth is created and welded on.  Then the re-shaping begins.  Because tooth replacement requires grinding a new surface, any existing plating will be damaged.  This will require the razor to be re-plated in addition to the service fee to replace the broken tooth.  Our service fee for tooth replacement is $85 per tooth. 

Broken Tooth Repair

You pick the finish precious metal, the price stays the same. Yes that's right!  The expense of re-plating is in the labor required to prep your razor. Sure the metals vary in cost to us but the real expense is in the prep work.  This is why our fee remains the same no matter which precious metal your choose.  We will provide the same care for a razor plated in nickel that we do for a razor plated in rhodium or gold. Adjustable razors require a greater amount of labor.  They are completely disassembled and each piece is plated individually before reassembling. The end result is spectacular!

$85.00 Standard Three piece razor

$95.00 TTO razors (non-adjustable) 

$125.00 Adjustable razors (fatboys & slims)
Razor must have a base metal of copper or brass. We cannot re-plate pot metal razors.

How much?

Every razor pictured on our site has been through our re-plating process.

Each razor received for re-plating will initially be cleaned in a commercial grade ultrasonic cleaner.  Depending on which precious metal chosen as a final plate it will be stripped of the existing plating.  Many vintage razors plated in gold have a lacquer finish topcoat.  This lacquer must be removed before stripping the original gold finish.  Your razor will then have minor scratches removed.  We can remove some damage but it is limited to how extensive the cosmetic damage is.*  It will then be polished to a high sheen and given another ultrasonic cleaning.  Immediately following that it will be plated. After plating, your razor will be cleaned, lightly polished, moving parts will be oiled, painted numbers and other original painted surfaces will be restored.  And finally it will be packaged for return shipping to you.  Return shipping is included in our fee.**

Our re-plating service begins with an evaluation.  A picture, or pictures, of your razor will need to be submitted.  This will allow us to better evaluate what will be required upfront and help to eliminate the need to surprise you with additional expenses.  Once an evaluation has been performed you will need to ship your razor.  Shipping to us is not included in our service fee.

You have your choice between Nickel, Copper, Silver, 24K Gold, 24K Pink (Rose) Gold or Rhodium plating. Rhodium is the only finish that does not tarnish.  All the other choices require greater care to preserve the finish.


Re-Plating services
If you have a vintage double edge safety razor that is dear to you but needs restoration, let us bring it back to life with our state of the art bath plating system.

Broken tooth repair

Teeth break off, it happens.  In most cases we can weld a new tooth on your beloved razor.


What We Offer

HIBCO has been in the restoration business for over 25 years and offers world-class restoration services. We are known for our attention to detail and our relentless pursuit of perfection.